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  • Haven’t posted in awhile. Partly because a few months back someone stole all my pictures off of here and claimed them as her own and her own horse. It was frustrating as hell let me tell you! Anyways I’m more active on instagram If you would like to follow me there(same user). I will try my best to post more on here! May add waterwarks or something to my photos to prevent them from being stolen again.


    Hey Everyone! sorry for being so inactive. Been busy with riding, school, etc. I’m on Instagram more than tumblr now but I will try my best to post. I stopped posting mainly because my pictures were being stolen and claimed by someone else on instagram, However I’m trying to move past that after I busted that girl. She is probably reading this right now and I’m aware you are still out there ;).

    Oh hey look who is still in his stall and oh wait that halter says Napoleon, not rocket.. Hmm I guess he is mine then huh? ;) yeah my name is Shannon this is MY horse Napoleon aka neo I have owned him since I was 8 years old. So let me know if you find another account stealing my pictures again! ;)

    Well she changed her user THREE (its now Horseforver26), blocked me and deleted lots of pictures. Its a good sign but I want the account deleted so Megan or whatever your name is I know you are reading this, delete your fake account. I will also be posting a video on youtube about you so be ready! And I have plenty of more friends that can see your account ;)

    yeah she was one there too guys.. So apparently she is multiple people! Please share! I don’t know her tumblr user but I know I’ve seen her real account before if someone could please show her this!

    So apparently his name is Rocket now?? UH NO! If you see this account guys go after her. She already blocked me and My friend said she deleted some pictures. But I want her entire account down since its an entirely FAKE! Please share!

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